Tips to Maintain Laptop Battery


on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 2:59:00 AM

Are you a laptop user? if you have a problem with the battery not lasting. This time evecomputer will discuss about how to care your laptop battery to make it last. How to maintain the performance and durability of the battery to keep it in optimum condition? This is often an obstacle for laptop users, laptop battery also includes an important and expensive element.

Here are tips to keep your laptop battery performance:

1.Letakkan in a hard place

Heat is one of the causes of the declining performance of the battery, do not put your laptop on a soft place such as a mattress or pillow that absorbs heat because the heat that comes out will be absorbed and silent on the laptop.

2. Use power with stable voltage

When charge the battery, note the electricity consumed by the adapter. Unstable voltage will make the performance of a faulty adapter and battery drop.

3. Defrag Hard Disk

Perform routine defrag hard disk, by doing so the performance will be better hard disk and automatically reduces the load on battery. Defrag the hard disk can use the software Auslogics Disk Defrag.

4. Hibernate and Standby

Hibernate is more efficient than Standby battery usage, because some service will be disabled while the current hibernate mode.

5. Hard Disk and CD-ROM

More use of the hard disk more battery efficient than using the CD-ROM that is more wasteful in use.

6. Battery contacts

Routinely clean the battery contacts with a cloth soaked in alcohol to make clean contact and a more optimal power transfer.

7. Power Option

Select the Optimize option, because it will menampilakn maximum effect with maximum use of battery.

8. External Device

External device such as an external hard drive, wifi, bluetooth and others will drain your battery usage. If not in use should be removed from the laptop.

9. RAM

The bigger the RAM the more efficient use of the battery, because the performance of laptops will be lightweight with a large RAM, so the battery also decreases the burden of its use.

With a few tips that will keep the performance of your laptop battery.

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